Install Quagga As Linux Router

Because the curious how to make Router in Linux, I was browsing to search for how to install Linux on the router using the quagga. After finding several blogs and the web of quagga load …. finally I make a summary and conclusions of how to install the router quagga. This posting only as a reminder, because my type of forgetful.

In this post I use the Ubuntu Linux distribution, because it is more practical and effective. Let’s see at the following description…. enjoy

1. Install source
#apt-get install quagga quagga-doc

2. Edit file daemons
#mcedit /etc/quagga/daemons

3. Change status no / yes on suitable routing protocol
zebra=yes //Compulsory “yes”

bgp=no //Border gateway protocol
ospf=no //OSPF with IPV4
ospf6d=no //OSPF with IPv6
ripd=yes //RIP versi 2
ripngd=no //RIP with IPV6

4. Make file configuration zebra.conf and ripd.conf, by copy from sample file configuration
#cp /usr/share/doc/quagga/examples/zebra.conf.sample /etc/quagga/zebra.conf
#cp /usr/share/doc/quagga/examples/ospfd.conf.sample /etc/quagga/ospfd.conf

5. Set password [optional]
#echo “password password” > /etc/quagga/zebra.conf

6. Change ownership user and group from files configuration in /etc/quagga, and change access permission
#chown quagga.quaggavty /etc/quagga/*.conf
#chmod 640 /etc/quagga/*.conf

7. Start daemons

8. Connect quagga
#telnet localhost zebra

9. Connect routing protocol
#telnet localhost [ ospf | bgp | rip | eigrp]


By default quagga can only remoted from localhost [], if we want to quagga can be accessed from other places, then:

1. Create file /etc/quagga/debian.conf
#mcedit /etc/quagga/debian.conf

– Examples of the contents of the file, according to the needs of –

# If this option is set the /etc/init.d/quagga script automatically loads
# the config via “vtysh -b” when the servers are started.
# Check /etc/pam.d/quagga if you intend to use “vtysh”!
vtysh_enable=yes //router di setting via VTYSH
zebra_options=” –daemon -A ” // “–daemon -A” , berarti dapat di access dari berbagai IP
bgpd_options=” –daemon -A ”
ospfd_options=” –daemon -A″ //dapat di access dari localhost dan
ospf6d_options=”–daemon -A ”
ripd_options=” –daemon -A ”
ripngd_options=”–daemon -A ”
isisd_options=” –daemon -A “

============Setting VTYSH===========
1. Create file configuration vtysh
#touch /etc/quagga/vtysh.conf

– Examples of the contents of the file, according to the needs of –

! Sample
! service integrated-vtysh-config
! Jika di disable maka file penyimpanan konfigurasi akan terpisah (misal ; zebra.conf dan ospfd.conf), jika di enable akan jadi satu pada Quagga.conf

hostname quagga-router
username root nopassword

Note :

As we see in the configuration file, the options service integrated-vtysh-config is disable, so that the files will be separate storage configuration (eg; zebra.conf and ospfd.conf), if so will enable the one on Quagga.conf

2.That does not happen in the blink when the remote with vtysh, do not forget to do the following

#echo VTYSH_PAGER=more > /etc/environnement

41 responses to “Install Quagga As Linux Router

  1. 7. Start daemons

    Needs a parameter, start or restart should work.

    #/etc/init.d/quagga restart

  2. Rahul

    Sorry i meant linux fedora,delete my prev comment

  3. pr

    really nice explanation

  4. How to configure bgp in quagga ..?

  5. Dado

    hi? when i configuring quagga 0.99.21 it’s saying integer expected expression line 180. How to solve?

  6. How to configure point 9 ??
    #telnet localhost [ ospf | bgp | rip | eigrp]
    what is that mean ??

  7. Vinay


    I have already installed quagga and its running great! I have another question. I want to make some additions to quagga and test it out on my PC. I have done a “apt-get source quagga” and have the code on my machine. What should I exactly do in order to change the code and run those files instead of the existing quagga running on my machine? I tried doing ./configure, make, and make install, and restarting the quagga process. It does not reflect the changes in the code. It would be great if you could guide me in the right direction.


  8. Gautham

    I have installed quagga and followed instruction upto 9. which is
    telnet localhost zebra
    this step is giving me an error
    telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

    I looked into the daemon processes to see if zebra was running but found out it was not even though i had given ‘yes’ in the /etc/quagga/daemon file

    • hi,
      What’s your operating system ?
      It seems the zebra service doesn’t running yet. Try ps -aux | grep zebra, it should be appear when the service is up.

      • Gautham

        hi ,
        my os is ubuntu 12.04
        i tried the command u mentioned and i got the below output on the screen

      • Gautham

        hi ,
        my os is ubuntu 12.04
        i tried the command u mentioned and i got the below output on the
        training 17640 0.0 0.0 4384 844 pts/2 S+ 15:15 0:00 grep –color=auto zebra

  9. Vinay Pau

    Hey Gautam,

    As mentioned before please run the command

    #/etc/init.d/quagga restart

    and do another ps-ef|grep quagga. There needs to be another process along side the one that you have shown.

  10. Gautham

    Hi Vinay,

    Will work on that now.


  11. Javi

    Hello, my OS is UBUNTU 12.04 and when I try to do this “/etc/init.d/quagga restart” I get this “Starting Quagga daemons (prio:10): zebraCommand node 34 doesn’t exist, please check it”.
    DO you know what is happening?
    Thank for your attention

  12. anup

    how can i detect isis packets in wireshark?

  13. how to configuration eigrp in quagga ?
    because in quagga no eigrp choice or eigrp included in RIPv2

    I’m really confused
    thank you

    • EIGRP not supported in Quagga because it’s Cisco proprietary, but may be it’ll be the next development feature of Quagga.

      • karin wrape

        i keep finding quagga reappearing in my ipad-apple will not tell me if hey allowed it to be put on ipad or not, but they replaced the first ipad i got when i showed it to them….i have had pc invasions from persons involved with michael shurer owner of michael’s audio and video in fraser,co. they were done through his router, so he is ultimately responsible for the crime. before i got an ipad i ran the wireshark program and found three interfaces, one was listed as an experimental low energy bluetooth proximity device, and after doing some reading on this quagga crap, i see this might be from shurer’s minions… znyone can help idntify who is activating this quagga remote IPv6 on my devices please call me at 970-887-9695 karin wrape, granby, co. it is now listed as A PROTOTYPE. it was not listed as a prototype before… and don’t bother telling me to contact the cops, they don’t give a damn about me or the fact that my pc’s have 23 network adapters on one and 11 on the other but NO programs at all on them- just shitloads of network adapters, though i asked best buy to makesure there was no sharing or bluetooth on them.

    • Dan

      You can’t. EIGRP is Cisco.

  14. Gagan

    how can I configure ospf in quagga?

  15. karin wrape

    i keep finding quagga appearing in my ipad- now it is listed as a prototype!! i sure wish someone would contact me and let me know if it is something apple Allowed to be pre-installed on my ipad or if it is from the hackersi have caught assaulting my devices through michael shurer’s router, when i was living in fraser, co. if anyone can answer this question please call me at 970-887-9695 karin wrape, granby,co.

  16. Excellent post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am inspired!
    Extremely helpful info specially the last section:) I deal with such info a lot.
    I used to be looking for this particular information for a very lengthy time.
    Thanks and good luck.

  17. Trilochan

    hello frnds .
    when i uninstall quagga in my linux machine , again i try to install quagga is not install ,it’s not create /etc/quagga , i try this thing to many system but all system have same problem

  18. Issam

    I keep facing a log-in loop after putting in this command and rebooting Ubuntu.

    #echo VTYSH_PAGER=more > /etc/environnement

    It really annoying. I hit ctrl+alt+ F1 at the log-in screen and my username and password is working fine. Tried searching the net. Played around with the Xauthority and tried uninstalling and reinstalling gdm and ubuntu-desktop. Nothing worked. Someone got a solution to this annoying issue?!

  19. I have a problem at step 7: Start daemons. I did do this:
    #/etc/init.d/quagga start
    but all I could see were flashing “y” on the first column of ths screen. Does someone know why I got this weird thing? The next step thus didn’t work either. Could someone please give me some guidance? Thank you very much

  20. Shamir

    When I ‘vtysh’ into my quagga router, I then attempt to telnet into my daemon, correct? I enter “telnet localhost 2604” and receive “Can’t execute telnet: No such file or directory.” Why is this occurring?

    • Shamir

      Please disregard… I have a better understanding now that router itself is really all I need once the daemons are set up. I am using OSPF… will continue to configure my router. Thank You.

  21. Is quagga capable to add 2 or More BGP with Different AS number ???

  22. Actually I had 16 /22 Networks. All had It’s own AS number but right now we use only default. So that’s why I am asking…. Is quagga capable to add more than one BGP ???

  23. plz i need direct link for downald it

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